Thank you for producing the “Children of the Revolution”. I am very much looking forward to watching this Thursday. I suppose you have probably finished this series, but I would like to tell you that my husband’s family – both sets of his grandparents are refugees of the Mexican Revolution. The McMunns are from a town called Mapimi in Torreon and both the Henry B. Gonzalez family who came to San Antonio and the Cigarroas who settled in Laredo came from the same town and were very close while they were in Mampimi. All of these families had to leave behind their fortunes and escape to the US with virtually only their lives. If you are looking for more stories of the “Children of the Revolution”, I am sure my husband Mark McMunn could talk to you and provide pictures from that time and before of his family in Mexico.

Virginia McMunn


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Cartas from The Children of the Revolución

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