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Since the first episode of Children of the Revolución Alex McCumba has been passionately weaving original musical movements to fit the drama and emotion of the stories being recounted by the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of those who fled Mexico 100 years ago. McCumba has blended the tradition of Mexico’s massive contribution to music with an American cinematic sensitivity into music that tell stories of mayhem, exodus, the pursuit of justice, hope, glory and ultimate sacrifice. Ethnic strings, horns, the accordion and mystical piano interludes set the stage for one of the bloodiest plights for justice in modern history, The Mexican Revolution. Journey through the recuerdos of The Children of the Revolución through medium of this music that puts you on the edge of vida y muerte.

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Track 1: Intro: The Children of the Revolucion
[audio:|titles=Track 01]
Track 2: Saving our familia
[audio:|titles=Track 02]
Track 3: La vida o la muerte
[audio:|titles=Track 03]
Track 4: Hope y Gloria
[audio:|titles=Track 04]
Track 5: Before the Canons Roared
[audio:|titles=Track 05]
Track 6: Love in the time of Revolucion
[audio:|titles=Track 06]
Track 7: Recordando Mi Gente
[audio:|titles=Track 07]
Track 8: Soldadera
[audio:|titles=Track 08]
Track 9: La Plaza on a Sunday Afternoon
[audio:|titles=Track 09]
Track 10: Gritos y Dolores y Despues Pachanga
Track 11: Puro San Antonio
[audio:|titles=Track 11 ]
Track 12: I Pray for Mexico
[audio:|titles=Track 12]
Track 13:Telling My Story
[audio:|titles=Track 13]


2 Responses to The Soundtrack

  1. Betty Castro says:

    Just discovered Children of the Revolucion! These are the stories of my family as well, want to see more in the future. Don’t forget those of us who moved on to harsh West Texas and still made it too, despite many hardships.

  2. I would like a copy of the soundtrack. Please let me know how I can get a copy.

    Thank you.

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