Are you a Child of the Revolución too?

Do you have a story tell about this epic moment in our Mexican-American history? Do you want to add to history?

Let us know through this blog forum and connect with others (Children of the Revolución) who also are part of this ongoing and untold story.

Provide a title for your subject like “Escaping from Rosita” or “Two brothers: Each on the opposite side of the Revolucion” or simply comment on the stories of others already posted here.

Then watch how other familias will enter the discussion.

You may find primos and parientes that you had not known about and fill in some of the empty and forgotten puzzle pieces of your family historia.


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Tonight’s show: Education

It’s not taught in schools but the history of the Mexican Revolution is the history of Texas too. Join us tonight and find out how you are connected to the Mexican Revolution.

This week’s show: The Mestizaje Story

The descendants of the families who escaped from Mexico during the revolution are often called “Mestizos-” The Mixed Ones or “La Raza Cosmica” The Cosmic Race. Originally, Mexico was made up of separate regions and tribes, a mixture of many races, ethnicities and religious beliefs who originated from the Spanish/Moors and pre-Columbian nomads from Asia. The Mexican Revolution unified the country and created the Mexican psyche. Those who fled to the United States populated the West bringing with them a unique integration of spirit, talent, fortitude and hope.  Father Virgilio Elizondo (author of Mestizo), Tomas Ybarra Frausto, John Phillip Santos, and Jennifer Speed take us on a journey of identity as it unfolded after the events of the Mexican Revolution.

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